Violence Changes Everything

Just Think 1st is a social media and radio-based community engagement program aimed at generating awareness about gun violence and high-risk behavior.

Who is behind Just Think 1st?


Just Think 1st is an initiative led by Roderick Brereton of Urban Rez Solutions and public speaker and community leader Farley Flex. Both men are passionate about community-building and equipping today’s youth with the tools to not only survive, but to thrive.

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Violence Changes Everything

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TORONTO — A mother who found her 17-year-old son on the street outside their home dying from a gun shot pleaded Wednesday for witnesses to come forward as the city grapples with a spike in gun violence.

Article from Huffington Post:

Gun Violence in Toronto (Occurrences)
Year to Date Shootings Involving Death
Year to Date Shootings Involving Injury
Year to Date Homicides Shooting

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