Awesome Just Think 1st Team

  • Farley Flex Executive Producer

    Farley Flex is the President and CEO of Plasma Management & Productions Inc. an integrated multimedia company specializing in managing the potential of projects in the entertainment and sports industries.

  • Roderick Brereton Executive Producer

    Roderick Brereton is the founder and owner of the conflict/change management consultancy Urban Rez Solutions. He has worked extensively since 2000 directing capacity building initiatives.

  • Towa Beer Project Manager

    Towa’s career has taken her along for a very interesting ride, from radio stations to record labels to PR, to owning her own agency to Parks Canada to the Heart & Stroke Foundation – there’s not much this voracious yet diligent woman cannot do.

  • Nadine Spencer Marketing Director

    Nadine Spencer is the CEO of BrandEQ Group Inc., a global marketing and communications agency specializing in marketing, communications and PR.