Collective action refers to action taken together by a group of people whose goal is to enhance and achieve a common objective. It is enacted by representatives of the group. It is a term that has formulations and theories in many areas of the social sciences including psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science and economics.

Just Think 1st is one such initiative. The founders recognize that the need for a collective action from a self-empowering crowd solving perspective is right and the only approach that will ensure maximum success.

NEEDS: (What you can do now)

Social Media

  • following, reposting, retweeting, liking and viewing of all Just Think 1st related posts, events, notifications etc. including promotion of events to personal networks


  • First and second hand uploaded testimonials of positive Just Think 1st examples
  • Attendance at Just Think 1st events where testimonials can be delivered

Distribution of collateral

  • Distribution and posting of flyers, posters, tickets, coupons, merchandise etc

Put yourself on the map – Asset Mapping

  • Just Think 1st initiative welcomes all sectors of community to contribute what they perceive to be an asset worthy of contribution to the overall effort.
  • Just Think 1ststrongly believes that when people take account of their assets and contribute by utilizing them(including but not limited to: interests, skill sets and personality traits) there is a higher likelihood that the overall volunteer experience will be enjoyable for it merely an extension of self.
  • All contributions are worthy of consideration and will be placed on the Asset Map
  • Once placed on the Asset Map the contributor will be asked to apply their asset to the Collective Action objective.
  • For example assets can range from having expertise in a following field: finance, organizational leadership, mentorship, ambassadorship, design, education, facilitation, culinary, artistic, political etc. Having access to connections, leads,facilities etc is characterized as an asset.


Crowd Solving

  • Just as ants recognize that it takes an all hands on deck approach to move a leaf from one place to another, the Just Think 1st organizers see the issue of violence and gun violence in particular as a “leaf” that must be removed from society’s midst.
  • The use and activation of Social Media, Testimonials, Distribution of Collateral and Asset Mapping will take the Just Think 1st initiative to a level of awareness and engagement that will take the project closer to the ultimate goal of having the Just Think 1st thought process become an every day, integrated aspect of decision making for all individuals and in particular those exposed to high risk lifestyle or prone to high risk behaviour.


Conflict Management Integration

  • The implementation of Conflict Management training at all levels of education as a means of mitigating incidences of violence.

The Just Think 1st Brand

  • Viewed as synonymous with increasing pro-social behaviour
  • Highly sought after as a go to consultancy for licensing of programming focused on resolving social issues pertaining to anti-social behaviour
  • Recognized as one of the key contributors to the reduction in violence throughout communities where the Just Think 1st initiative has been executed.