Take Back Your World NAVigate Your Life Youth & Community Programs

Developed in response to the disproportionate amount of anti-social behaviour and violence in Ontario’s marginalized communities,Take Back Your World NAVigate Your Life is an innovative alternative youth and community engagement model.

Crisis Prevention and Intervention

Utilizing the ‘Ounce of Prevention’ pedagogy to address crisis; training proactively equips participants with crisis management principles thereby minimizing the likelihood of violent behaviour when faced with adversarial situation.

Mental Health Wellness and Recovery

Develop an understanding of the concepts of Mental Health Wellness. Delve into the realm of recovery, personal responsibility, self-determination, self-advocacy, communication, setting obtainable goals, resiliency and individual healing.

Conflict Management

How many times have we seen members of professional sports teams, entertainers or employees lose it in their stressful environments and jeopardize themselves and their organization’s reputation? Urban Rez Solutions understands that anger and conflict have no boundaries.

Pre-employment Training

Equipping employees with the skills necessary to NAVigate and offset challenges that arise in the workplace and familiarizing them with work place expectations is cost effective and smart”.

How to avoid escalation when interacting with police

Useful strategy that maintains dignity and minimizes stress when interacting with police.

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